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Acetone 99.5% Pure
Acetone 99.5% Pure
Acetone 99.5% Pure

Acetone 99.5% Pure

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Acetone 99.5%, available in bottles with a capacity of 250 ml and 500 ml

Acetone, i.e. the simplest ketone, systematically called propanone. It is an organic compound ((CH3) 2CO) in the form of a colorless, volatile and flammable liquid.


Acetone, the basic ingredient in most nail polish removers. Thanks to its properties, it made it easier to remove the varnish with a cotton swab or cloth by breaking it.


  • Easily mixed with water,
  • Evaporates quickly in the air.



  • Propanone is widely used in the textile industry as a degreaser for fabrics such as wool and silk,
  • Serves itself as an important solvent to be added to solvent systems or "blends";
  • Usually used for cleaning in the laboratory,
  • Used in formulating varnishes for car and furniture finishes,
  • Reducing the viscosity of varnish solutions,
  • Nail varnish and paint remover.


Safety precautions:

Highly flammable liquid and vapour !!!

  • Causes serious eye irritation,
  • May make you feel sleepy or dizzy.


Keep away from heat / sparks / open flames / hot surfaces. - No smoking.



  • Remove casualty to fresh air and keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing.


  • Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to make. Continue rinsing.


Avoid breathing dust / fume / gas / mist / vapors / spray.

Wear protective gloves / protective clothing / eye protection / face protection.

Seek medical advice / attention if you feel unwell.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions.


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