Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin
Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin
Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin

Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin

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Crystal Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin UV Resistant  40mm ONE LAYER Low Viscosity

Key Properties:

  • LayeringSingle layer up to  40 mm in thickness
  • Crystal ClarityCures clear to a glass-like finish.
  • Low ViscosityGood flow, easy to work with.
  • UV Resistance: No yellowing, even if left outdoors under direct sunlight.
  • Solvent-Free + Non-Toxic : A safe product to work with – virtually odourless and no fumes.
  • Self-Levelling: At 2mm thickness layers and above, the resin self-levels.
  • Easy 2:1 Mix RatioSimply mix 2 parts A to 1 part B by weight.


Suitable for:

  • Moulding/Casting/Potting/Encasing.
  • Laminating/Adhesion/Wood
  • Boats/Yachts/Bicycles/Motorbikes (and repairs).
  • Art/Paintings/Crafts/Jewellery
  • Home Decorations.
  • Floors (garages, indoor, garden paths, penny floors)
  • Tables (kitchen tops, garden tables, bars, wooden tables).

How to use:

  • Put the containers with part A and part B  in warm water before mixing
  • Pour part A into a container for 10 min to make sure all the air has came out
  • Carefully add part B
  • Stir slowly to avoid any air bubbling for about 3 minutes
  • The mixture will produce heat whilst being stirred
  • Apply / Use as needed


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