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Bilge and Deck Cleaner
Bilge and Deck Cleaner
Bilge and Deck Cleaner
Bilge and Deck Cleaner

Bilge and Deck Cleaner

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Available in 500ml and 5L Bottle

This is a concentrated, very strong cleaner designed for maximum effect in minimum effort. 

Our bilge and deck cleaner is highly active yet totally free from caustic, harsh alkalis or toxic solvents. 

Its neutral pH is making sure that is completely safe on all surfaces, metal, wood, grp, etc found in the marine environment.  It is also a highly effective deck cleaner.

It is water soluble and pleasantly perfumed to mask noxious and sea sickening odours.  Contains powerful bactericides to kill sulphur producing bacteria but at the same time is non toxic and non corrosive.  It will also remove diesel stains from concrete and pumps as well as will clean off traffic from cars and lorries.

 Simply add neat bilge and deck cleaner to bilges and allow boast movements to do the cleaning. 

For general use, dilute with water to clean paintwork, fittings, metals, machinery, grp and other laminates as well as interiors and exteriors of boats, vinyl, rubber and other surfaces.  Simply add to wash water to leave a sparkling clean finish. 

Bilge and deck cleaner must be kept away from animals and children.


Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions.

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