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Fertilizers are needed to keep our gardens in top condition. We can find many different chemicals on the market, so we have to find the right product for our needs. Maintaining the garden, especially in weather conditions in the UK, is a great challenge. We must remember that fertilization of plants, lawns, and nutritious gardens must take place in appropriate periods of time. For fertilization, we must choose proven products from reputable companies so that the composition of the fertilizer helps and certainly does not harm our crops.


HD Chemicals NUTRILONG fertilisers are purely for lawn.

They are designed to keep your grass healthy, nourished and green looking.

They are controlled release, slow release organic fertilisers with bio stimulants and micronutrients for high quality turf, grass, lawn and agricultural use.

You only need 25-35g for every m² making those fertilisers very efficient.

Here in UK we may not have much of a summer but we are very proud that we can help in keeping the UK lawns and gardens green throughout.


MAGIC GARDEN - Organic Fertilisers for your garden


The Magic Garden brand was created for small and medium-sized gardens in the UK. In our product catalog you will find chemicals that will help you maintain your garden. Some of our products are organic, which will certainly contribute to the growth of your vegetables, flowers or fruit in your home garden.