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HD Chemicals LTD offers various kinds of metal powders. The use of individual powders can be found in the product description. These metals are a product of very high quality and purity. You can find the exact specifications in the product description. 

Advantages of atomized metal powders include:

  • Longer useful life/reduced lifecycle costs
  • Greater wear resistance
  • Superior high-temperature properties
  • Increased design flexibility
  • Improved machinability

* Aluminium Metal Powder (Atomized)

* Brass Metal Powder

* Bronze Metal Powder

* Bismuth Metal Powder

* Copper Metal Powder (Atomized)

* Graphite Powder (Synthetic)

* Iron Metal Powder (Atomized)

* Magnetite Powder (Synthetic)

* Stainless Steel Metal Powder (Atomized)

* Tin Powder (Atomized)