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BTMS 25.


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Available in 25g and 50g packet

BTMS 25 vegetable derived emulsifier and conditioning agent mainly used as a hair softener in a recipe for hair conditioner or in leave-in products.

It is also an emulsifier for skin products such as creams, lotions , etc. giving the skin soft , non greasy feel.

What is BTMS 25?

BTMS 25 is a cosmetic ingredient that is used widely in hair treatments, most often in hair conditioners and detanglers but it can also be used in products for body and face care.

It can also be used in recipes calling for BTMS 50, but you will most likely need to use double the quantity of BTMS 25.


  • BTMS 25 is mostly used in recipes for hair conditioners and detanglers. It leaves the hair feeling soft and silky.
  • BTMS 25 is also an emulsifier and will help mix water with an oil mixture in a lotion
  • Recommended use is 1-5% in a hair conditioner type formulas or up to 10% for more viscous emulsions

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