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Kaolin China Clay Powder.

Kaolin China Clay Powder

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Pure Kaolin China Clay

Available in 25g  50g 200g packs
Kaolin is a naturally occurring clay mineral and also known as china clay and is usually white to off-white in colour.
China Clay is very absorbent but more gentle than most varieties of clay which makes it very skin-friendly and particularly indicated for sensitive skin.
China Clay is great for eliminating oiliness and shine in all skin types by absorbing excess moisture.
Deep cleans and removes impurities, making it suitable for acne-prone skin.
Can also help reduce redness and swelling around blemishes and help to prevent new ones from occurring.
Can even be used as a hair mask on normal to fine hair.
Kaolin clay has been used for hundreds of years for its properties, mainly in Asia.

How to use
Mix some kaolin powder with a little water until a paste forms.
Apply evenly to skin or hair and let it dry completely (5-15 minutes)
Wash away properly.
Can also be mixed with other ingredients like oils, creams or honey.
We advise that if you have not used this type of chemical before that you do some research before making a purchase.

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