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Organic Indigo Powder
Organic Indigo Powder

Organic Indigo Powder

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Organic Indigo Powder

Indigo powder provides the flexibility to dye your hair in either black or various shades of brown. The final hue is determined by the proportion of henna to indigo in the mixture and the method of application. To achieve a black colour, apply indigo mixed with water right after henna dyeing. Conversely, blending indigo directly into the henna mixture before application results in different shades of brown.


Pure indigo serves as a natural hair colouring agent and is best utilized in conjunction with henna or applied subsequent to henna application. When used independently, indigo may yield a green or blue tint. If you have recently used chemical dye on your hair, it is advisable to wait at least 4 weeks before applying henna and indigo. Chemical dyes frequently contain metallic salts and other harsh substances that can react unfavourably with these herbal dyes, resulting in undesirable colours.


Always perform a strand test prior to application.

For black hair dyeing, blend organic indigo powder with water and apply it to your hair immediately after rinsing off henna. The indigo mixture should be applied promptly to the hair without delay.

To achieve various shades of brown, mix indigo powder into the prepared henna mixture JUST BEFORE APPLICATION. Conduct a strand test to determine the appropriate amount of indigo and the required duration to achieve the desired shade on your hair.

For rinsing, avoid shampooing and instead utilize water mixed with a small quantity of conditioner, if necessary.

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