Oxalic Acid 99.5%
Oxalic Acid 99.5%
Oxalic Acid 99.5%
Oxalic Acid 99.5%
Oxalic Acid 99.5%

Oxalic Acid 99.5%

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99.5% Pure White Powder

Molecular formula: C2H2O4 * 2H2O

Oxalic acid is an essential household chemical that can be used, like many acids, as a cleaner for various things; for example, as a rust remover, a cleaning agent, on wood work as a stain lifter, as a bleaching agent, and many more. 

The oxalic powder is then mixed with water to turn into a solution of oxalic acid. At high doses, oxalic acid is very dangerous, but at moderate doses it is safe for various useful functions.

We suggest that you investigate exact dilution rates for your intended purpose – the internet will provide you with a wealth of information on exact dilution and mixing rates for various application.


1) Bleaching:
Oxalic acid can be used as a bleaching agent for both wood and stone. Wood, when exposed to the elements, can turn gray. When oxalic acid is applied on an old and graying wood floor, it brings back the wood floor’s natural white colour. Actually, this acid is often used when preparing to stain old wood floors. It is also used by furniture manufacturers to lighten heavily stained areas of wood furniture in preparation for refinishing.

2) Removing Stains:
Oxalic acid effectively removes ink, food stains, and many other types of stains. It is a gentle stain remover that eats the stain but leaves the base surfaces, such as wood, intact. You can use oxalic acid to remove most stains found on stone, brick, linoleum, wood, and vinyl surfaces.


First make a 5% solution with warm water in a tight container and shake well to make sure that all the crystals have dissolved.

To make 1L of solution add 50g of product to 950ml of warm water.

To remove stains from wood first make sure that the wood is sanded down and all paint, oil, varnish removed to allow the chemical to penetrate the stains.

Apply with a sponge or paintbrush on the whole area to avoid patches and leave for an hour.

Wash off with water and once dry apply varnish to secure the wood.

Always use face, eyes and body coverings when working with chemicals.

Should the 5% solution does not work you can make stronger solution of 8%-10% if required and repeat the process.

However, do not use oxalic acid if your flooring is sealed as it will eat through the finishing.

Although you can also use oxalic acid to remove stains from fabrics such as linen and cotton, it will take a lot of time, so it is better to have your fabrics dry cleaned instead.


3) Removing Rusts:
Oxalic acid is also used to remove rusts that are commonly found on plumbing pipes and kitchen countertops, and is a major ingredient found in commercial rust removers for sinks, tubs, and metal rust stains.

4) Other Uses:
Oxalic acid is also used as a reducing agent in developing photographic film,
You can also find it used in wastewater treatment as well since oxalic acid can effectively remove calcium from wastewater,
Used as a grinding agent when polishing marble,
Also in electrical engineering as an auxiliary agent for electrolytic oxidation of aluminum,
In beekeeping for the control of Varroa destructor mites,
In dyeing and powders for cleaning sanitary devices.



EYES: Can cause irritation.

SKIN: Can cause irritation.

INHALATION: Can cause serious coverage damage to the mouth, throat and stomach.

INGESTION: Is harmful and fatal if large doses are swallowed.

AVOID contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Avoid breathing dust. Use normal personal hygiene and housekeeping. Store in a cool dry area away from other incompatible materials. 

Product is slightly hydroscopic and should be stored in a dry area to prevent moisture pick up and caking.  

VENTILATION REQUIREMENTS: Ventilate as necessary to eliminate dust from the work area.

SKIN AND EYE PROTECTION: Use rubber or neoprene gloves, chemical goggles and clothing sufficient to protect skin from dust.


KEEP AWAY FROM: Strong oxidizer, alkalies, chlorides, hypochlorites and furfuryl alcohol.  


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