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Acetic Acid 50%.
Acetic Acid 50%.
Acetic Acid 50%.

Acetic Acid 50%

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Acetic 50%

Available in 250ml, 500ml.

Acetic acid - CH3COOH.

Acetic acid 50% (ethanoic acid) methane carboxylic acid is an organic compound from the group of carboxylic acids. Acetic acid is a natural acid found in most fruits and is produced by bacterial fermentation. Industrially produced, obtained by bacterial fermentation of sugar, molasses, alcohol or chemical synthesis from acetaldehyde. 


Acetic acid is a colourless, corrosive liquid with a pungent smell of vinegar. Easily soluble in water and methyl alcohol. Acetic acid has hygroscopic properties.


  • for the production of marinades, processed cheese, sauces and salads. It is used as a preservative against bacteria and fungi and also as a fragrance;
  • for the tanning of hides;
  • for colouring;
  • for descaling;
  • as a component of cleaning and disinfecting agents;
  • treatment of industrial water.

Other applications: organic synthesis, production of monochloroacetic acid, acetic anhydride, polyvinyl acetate; also as a natural latex coagulator.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions.

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