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Alloy Cleaner
Alloy Cleaner
Alloy Cleaner
Alloy Cleaner

Alloy Cleaner

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Available in 500ml and 5L Bottle

Alloy Cleaner is a safe to use, powerful alloy wheel cleaner and brake dust cleaner which contains 5% Oxalic Acid for unbeatable results. Carefully formulated to provide instant professional results when removing tough brake dust, surface corrosion, tarnishing and grim from all types of alloy wheels and painted wheels - this makes it the first and the best choice of alloy wheel cleaners on the market.

For best results use as supplied by applying it by brush to the side of the alloy and allowing a contact time of up to 10 min for the alloy cleaner to work whilst agitating the surface with a brush moistened in the fluid.

Afterwards simply rinse with plenty of clean water using a brush in necessary to help removing the leftover residue.

Our alloy cleaner is a high strength product and it is therefore advisable that the product is diluted before use. It can be diluted up to 1:20, however this would depend on the desired usage, application and also the degree of soiling.

Always make sure to choose the correct dilution ratio for the desired use and application, and to avoid letting the alloy cleaner dry before rinsing, as permanent stains may appear on the treated surface.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions.


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