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Aluminium Sulphate Powder
Aluminium Sulphate Powder
Aluminium Sulphate Powder
Aluminium Sulphate Powder

Aluminium Sulphate Powder

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Aluminium Sulphate Powder available in 200g, 400g, 1000g 2000g

Molecular formula: Al2(SO4)3nH2O

Aluminium sulfate powder is water-soluble. Its main application is drinking water purification and wastewater treatment, as a coagulating agent (assisting the collision of particles by neutralizing the load), and in the production of paper.

It is a common vaccine adjuvant that works to facilitate the slow release of the antigen from the vaccine store formed at the site of inoculation.

Used in the food industry as a firming agent, where it takes E number E520, and also in animal feed as a bactericide. Aluminium sulfate can also be used as a deodorant, astringent, or as a remedy for superficial shaving wounds.

When dissolved in a large amount of neutral or slightly alkaline water, aluminium sulfate produces a gelatinous precipitate of aluminium hydroxide, Al (OH) 3. In dyeing and printing fabrics, the gelatinous deposit helps the dye adhere to the fibres of the garment, rendering the pigment insoluble.

Aluminium sulfate is sometimes used to lower the pH of garden soil as it hydrolyses to form an aluminium hydroxide precipitate and a dilute sulfuric acid solution. An example of what changing soil pH levels can do to plants is seen when we look at Hydrangea macrophylla. The gardener can add aluminium sulphate to the soil to lower the pH, which in turn will cause the hydrangea flowers to change colour (blue). It is aluminium that makes the flowers blue; at higher pH, aluminium is not available to the plant.

In construction it is used as a waterproofing agent and accelerator in concrete. Another application is a foaming agent in a fire foam.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions.

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