Borax Decahydrate 99.9%
Borax Decahydrate 99.9%
Borax Decahydrate 99.9%
Borax Decahydrate 99.9%
Borax Decahydrate 99.9%
Borax Decahydrate 99.9%

Borax Decahydrate 99.9%

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Borax Decahydrate 99.9%

Molecular formula: Na2B4O7  10H2O

This product also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate has a number of different uses.

Borax Uses:

Borax has many uses on its own, plus it is an ingredient in other products. Here are some uses of borax powder and pure borax in water: As an insect killer, particularly in roach killing products and as moth-preventative (10% solution on wool) Also as an Ant deterrent

A fungicide

An herbicide

A desiccant

A laundry booster

A general household cleaner


Borax is an ingredient in several other products, such as:

Buffer solutions

Flame retardants

Teeth bleaching products

Glass, ceramics and pottery

Enamel glazes


For science projects such as green coloured fire, slime and Borax crystals.

It is dispatched as colourless odourless crystals in a powder form.


Detailed uses:

Pests - keep roaches and ants away by sprinkling equal parts of borax and sugar anywhere you suspect they may be entering your home

Kill Weeds - use a sprinkle of borax to kill weeds that surface in concrete cracks and on walkways to fertilise Your garden use tablespoon of borax into 12 litres of water

Unclog Drains - unclog drains with 1/2 cup of borax followed by 2 cups of boiling water, let it sit for 15 minutes, then run your water for a few minutes to flush out the borax and any clogs

Carpet Cleaning - boost the cleaning power of your carpet cleaning machine by adding a 1/2 cup of borax per gallon of water in your reservoir

Clean Mattresses - remove urine odour from a mattress, wet the mattress, rub in borax with a damp cloth let dry, then vacuum up the remaining residue

Cat Litter Deodoriser - minimize odour in your cat’s litter box by mixing a few tablespoons of borax in with the litter

Refrigerator Deodoriser - spilled food can be washed away with a sponge or soft cloth using a solution of 1 quart warm water and 1 tablespoon of borax, rinse with cold water


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