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Bronze Metal Powder
Bronze Metal Powder

Bronze Metal Powder

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Highly pure, very fine 350 mesh spherical bronze metal powder suitable for a range of applications including resin-casting (cold casting), decorative coatings and powder metallurgy.

Mix Ratios

A ratio of at least 50% bronze powder (by weight) would be required to result in a significantly metallic appearance. Higher ratios, up to the limit of pourability, will yield a more impressive metallic appearance and feel.

When adding metallic powders to polyester or vinylester resin systems it is important to catalyse the resin prior to adding the metal powder so as to avoid any adverse reaction (rapid oxidisation) of the metal powder by the catalyst.

Such oxidisation or other adverse reactions are unlikely to occur with polyurethane or epoxy resins but it may still be a good idea to mix the resin and hardeners together before adding the metal powder.

Revealing the Appearance

After casting, the metallic appearance will not be clear or vivid because the metal particles will be obscured behind a thin layer of resin. To reveal the metallic appearance, the casting can be rubbed with an abrasive pad or wire-wool.

Patinating (Rusting)

After exposing bronze particles on the surface of a casting, the bronze on the surface will patina (rust) in the same way that a conventional brass product would which means that it will quickly take on the distinctive dull turquoise colour of patinated brass if exposed to water/salt etc.

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