Calcium Carbonate E170
Calcium Carbonate E170
Calcium Carbonate E170
Calcium Carbonate E170
Calcium Carbonate E170

Calcium Carbonate E170

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Molecular formula: CaCO3

CAS No.: 471-34-1

Synonyms: Calcite Pulverised limestone, Chalk, Calcite

Form: solid, powder

Color: white-gray

Calcium carbonate content (purity): min. 97%

Precipitated calcium carbonate is a salt of carbonic acid and calcium. It room temperature, it occurs mainly as a white, crystalline substance or a powder that does not dissolve in water. In nature, it is widely distributed as a default ingredient in many minerals and sedimentary rocks. Calcium carbonate is a raw material with a wide industrial use.


  • Manufacture of lime and cement;
  • Purification of Iron from iron ore in a blast furnace;
  • Filtercake agent in drilling industry;
  • Added to drilling fluids to increase their density;
  • An extender in paints;
  • For the production of powder extinguishers;
  • Used in the manufacture of disposable nappies;
  • Manufacture of fillers, putty, adhesives and sealants;
  • Whiting in ceramics;
  • Manufacture of glass;
  • As an abrasive in scouring creams and scouring powders;
  • In fertilisers as a source of calcium and stabilising soil acidity;
  • As passive fire protection in hazardous environments;
  • Source of alkalinity used for flue gas desulphurisation in power stations;
  • As a filler for the production of rubbers, paper, toothpaste, putty, acrylic paints, plastics (PVC, PP, PE) or school chalk;
  • For the treatment of wastewater and industrial water, (increasing the pH of the water to more alkaline), softening water, i.e. removing calcium, magnesium salts and multivalent metals.


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