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Carpet Extraction Cleaner 500ml
Carpet Extraction Cleaner 500ml

Carpet Extraction Cleaner 500ml

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Carpet Extraction Cleaner

500ml Bottle


This product is a very powerful detergent designed for use with water extraction machines. It will give an effective deep clean that eliminates dirt, stubborn stains and neutralises bad odours making your house fresh and clean. 

Carpet Extraction Cleaner is very effective in getting rid of odours. It eliminates every kind of smell, even the most difficult ones. Carpets, like most fabrics, absorb the odours present in our houses trapping them inside and allowing bad smells to come out.

Pet’s urine smell is a very persistent and difficult smell to eliminate, especially on carpets because of their material and fibrous consistency. Carpet Extraction Cleaner penetrates deep into the stain and eliminates it, leaving it clean and lightly scented. 

Simply dilute 1 part of cleaner in 60 parts of warm water and you`re ready to go.

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