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Copper Sulphate 93%
Copper Sulphate 93%
Copper Sulphate 93%
Copper Sulphate 93%
Copper Sulphate 93%
Copper Sulphate 93%
Copper Sulphate 93%
Copper Sulphate 93%
Copper Sulphate 93%

Copper Sulphate 93%

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Copper Sulphate 93%

Molecular formula: CuSo4 5H2O

M = 249,68 g/mol

EC No: 231-847-6

CAS No: 7758-99-8

Copper sulphate is a water-soluble and inorganic compound made from a mixture of sulphuric acid and mineral copper. This mixture gives blue coloured crystals, which give the compound the name “bluestone” or “blue vitriol”.

Also known as copper sulphate pentahydrate, bluestone functions include pest control, disinfectant, or treating diseases in animals and plants.

Though naturally found in the environment, high concentrations of copper can be harmful to aquatic life, human skin, eyes and mouth. Copper sulfate may also be toxic depending on the intrinsic copper content.

What Do You Use Copper Sulphate For?

Bluestone or cupric sulfate pentahydrate is effective in a variety of projects and applications, some of which include;

  1. Disinfection and Disease Control: Copper sulfate is a valuable disinfectant that helps to kill fungi, algae and bacteria growth in and around the home. It is also helpful as a preventive and curative treatment for plant and animal diseases such as footrot in sheep, proud flesh on horses and dark spots on plants.
  2. Cleaning Pools and Water Treatment: Regular application of cupric sulfate (every 10 to 15 days) to your swimming pool helps kill and prevent algae growth. It also ensures your swimming pool is clear and free from microorganisms. Another important use of bluestone is in ridding sewers of plant roots and fungi.
  3. Laboratory Tests: Sulphate copper is an essential solution in blood tests for anaemia and other chemical experiments like reducing sugars and flame tests. It is also used to demonstrate mineral hydration to students. When heated, the pentahydrate turns to an off-white colour due to evaporation but regains its bright blue colouration once you add water.
  4. Cupric sulphate pentahydrate is used in electroplating metals and etching zinc plates for intaglio prints. Small doses of bluestone may serve as a parasite killer in aquarium maintenance and snail removals. You should keep an eye on the dosage to prevent poising the water or killing the fish in the aquarium.
  5. When mixed with lime, copper sulphate pentahydrate creates an effective fungicide, ideal for preventing and controlling fungi growth on grapes, melons, and other berries. It also serves as an agricultural herbicide and regulator for copper deficiency in the soil.
  6. Some of the other uses of bluestone are in cleaning agents and adhesives, textile dyeing and leather treatments, manufacturing of cosmetics, fertilisers and waxes, and as a source of dietary copper in animal feed production.

Can You Buy Copper Sulfate UK?

Yes, copper sulphate pentahydrate is available for sale here in the UK. Our product packages range from 150g to 500g Alubag sizes and from 500g HDPE bottles to 1500g jerry can, 3000g, and 5000g bucket sizes for larger projects.

Is Sulphate Copper Safe?

Sulphate copper is a toxic compound and requires careful handling at all times. Sulphate copper may irritate your skin and eyes upon contact. It is vital to wear protective clothing when using bluestone, and if exposed, rinse your skin and eyes thoroughly with water. Ingestion and prolonged exposure to the skin or eyes may be harmful, and you should get urgent medical attention if this occurs.

In addition, Sulphate Copper is a hazardous waste, and you should dispose of it carefully to prevent long term damage to the environment. It is also harmful when consumed, and you should keep it away from your kids and pets. You should wash contaminated clothing before reusing them.


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