Copper Sulphate 93.0%
Copper Sulphate 93.0%
Copper Sulphate 93.0%
Copper Sulphate 93.0%
Copper Sulphate 93.0%

Copper Sulphate 93.0%

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Molecular formula: CuSo4 5H2O

Copper Sulphate is an inorganic compound that combines sulfur with copper. It can kill bacteria, algae, roots, plants, snails ang fungi. The toxicity of copper sulphate depends on the copper content. Copper is an essential mineral. It can be found in the environment, foods and water.

Just Some of the Uses for Copper Sulfate (Bluestone):

  • Antiseptic agent,

  • In electroplating processes,

  • Antifungal agent for topical use,

  • Treatment of copper deficiency,

  • Curing "Proud Flesh" on Horses,

  • Etching - Copper sulfate is also used to etch zinc plates for intaglio printmaking,

  • Dyes - Copper sulfate can also be used as a mordant in vegetable dyeing. It often highlights the green tints of the specific dyes,

  • Copper sulfate is used to test blood for anemia. The blood is tested by dropping it into a solution of copper sulfate of known specific gravity,

  • Copper sulfate crystals is still used today dissolved in water in a "foot bath" for sheep to pass through as a prevention and cure for "foot rot",

  • School Projects - Growing crystals of Copper Sulfate is one of the more common science projects for middle school and high school children,

  • Copper sulfate is (was) one of the ingredients of the styptic powder, Kwik Stop, which is/was widely used to stop superficial bleeding in animals,

  • Copper sulfate can be applied to your plants before disease starts as a preventative as well as when you begin to notice the dark spots of infection show,

  • As an additive to swimming pools to clear the water and eliminate algae. Put half a teaspoon every 10 to 15 days into the skimmer box and let the pool pump run for at least 12 hours. (You can swim right away),

  • Copper sulfate pentahydrate is a fungicide. However, some fungi are capable of adapting to elevated levels of copper ions. Mixed with lime it is called Bordeaux mixture and used to control fungus on grapes, melons, and other berries,

  • Bluestone is frequently encountered as an ingredient in mojo hands made by African-American hoodoo doctors, especially those for gamblers' luck and protection from evil. It is sometimes mentioned in old recipes for floor wash used by spiritualists to purify the home in the interest of keeping out evil spirits,

  • Copper sulfate has had widespread use over the years to control roots in sewer lines. Although most plants need a small amount of copper to survive, a high concentration of the metal can injure the roots without actually killing the plants. Introducing copper sulfate into the sewer line is an effective and easy way to increase the concentration of copper in the sewer water and kill the roots. The usual method is to pour 1 or 2 lbs. of crystals into the toilet nearest the sewer line, then flush the toilet.


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