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Copper Sulphate and Lime Mixture - Bordeaux Mixture
Copper Sulphate and Lime Mixture - Bordeaux Mixture

Copper Sulphate and Lime Mixture - Bordeaux Mixture

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Available as 5L and 10L pack

You will receive:

50g of Copper Sulphate and 50g of Lime (Pack for 5L)

100g of Copper Sulphate and 100g of Lime (Pack for 10L)


Bordeaux mixture is a combination of Copper Sulphate, lime, and water. It is a vey effective fungicide and bactericide and it has been used for decades - it aims to control diseases of fruit and nut trees, vine fruits, and also ornamental plants.

How to prepare:

Mix the packet with Copper Sulphate in relevant amount of water in one container and then mix Lime in the same amount of water in a separate container making sure that both are mixed well.

You can then add Copper Solution to Lime solution or you can pour them both simultaneously into the third container and mixing it well afterwards.

The water amount depend on the pack size chosen - for the 50g packs you will need to add each packet to 5L of water both in separate containers.

For the 100g packs add each packet to 10L of water both in separate containers.


Copper Sulphate and Lime mixture cannot be kept for long periods of time once it has been mixed together - maximum life is 2 days after the preparation.

It cannot be applied in cold or cloudy weather as it will cause phytotoxicity to plants.

The Bordeaux Mixture will act as a fungicide, bactericide and algaecide when mixed properly and applied correctly. It is less toxic to human in comparison to other commercial fungicides. Can be applied to most plants such as tomatoes, potatoes, chilli, ginger ,flowers, fruit and many more however it is not advisable to apply it to apple, maize and some of the dwarf rice varieties.


Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions.

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