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Epoxy Resin 750g Clear.
Epoxy Resin 750g Clear.
Epoxy Resin 750g Clear.

Epoxy Resin 750g Clear

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Kusman Multiuse Epoxy Resin 750g

  • colourless, 
  • two-component
  • low-viscosity 
  • solvent-free material 
  • based on epoxy resin and amine hardener.
  • up to 20mm layer

Can be used for :

  • priming concrete substrates and epoxy coatings
  • mechanically and manually rubbed quartz systems
  • in decorative ornamental flooring

It has low viscosity and excellent adhesion to the substrate. With high resistance to pressure, chemicals and abrasion resistance this Epoxy Resin is ideal for any type of craft.

UV Resistant which means it will not yellow over time and stay clear to perfectly dipslay the base material.



A: B - 2: 1 (2 x component A: 1 x component B)

The product consists of two components capable of reacting.

Before pouring, the components must be thoroughly mixed in accordance with the recommended mixing ratios - this has a great influence on the quality of the final product.

The ingredients are supplied pre measured so they are ready to mix.

Completely empty the container while decanting the ingredients in order to mix them.

When using only part of the contents of the package, carefully weigh the ingredients, adhering to the given proportions.

Do not try to accelerate or slow down the reaction by changing the amount of hardener.

For mixing the ingredients, use appropriate mixers with a speed of max. 400 / min.

If you use higher rotations than recommended it will mix the air overheating the mixed material and it will speed up the hardening reaction - as a result the pot life of the mixture will be much shorter.

Both parts should be mixed together for about 2-3 minutes. The formation of streaks suggests insufficient mixing of ingredients.

After thorough mixing, the mass is ready for use.



Kusman Multiuse Epoxy Resin

-Mix ratio: 100:50 by weight
-Demould time (1.5 mm at 30 C) [0,03” at 86 F]: 12h 00 ′
-Full catalysis after 24h
-Pot-life (125 gr at 25 C): 45 ′
-Shore hardness – 80Sh
-Temperature resistance – 70C
-Viscosity of part A – 400MPa
-Viscosity of part b – 125MPa
-Mix – 175MPa

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