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Fumed Silica Thixotropic Powder M5
Fumed Silica Thixotropic Powder M5

Fumed Silica Thixotropic Powder M5

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Fumed Silica

Trixotropic Powder M5


Silica serves as an agent employed to regulate the thixotropy or 'sag' properties within a resin system. By incorporating varying amounts of colloidal silica powder into a resin mixture, one can manage its handling and flow characteristics.

Even small additions of silica to a resin blend containing glass bubbles or micro balloons can confer non-sag attributes, facilitating easier manipulation.

Silica is also utilized alongside microfibers to formulate a blend suitable for a high-strength, non-sagging structural adhesive, especially effective for non-absorbent materials like GRP. Incorporating colloidal silica enhances the resultant blend's hardness, thereby increasing sanding difficulty.

Consequently, silica is typically introduced in minimal quantities to mixes expected to undergo sanding.

Nonetheless, in certain applications, this property can be leveraged to advantage, such as in creating a durable edge or surface.


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