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Instant Yeast Powder
Instant Yeast Powder

Instant Yeast Powder

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Instant Yeast Dried Powder

Instant yeast is definitely the best and more popular than dried yeast and more practical than fresh yeast which makes it perfect for baking and cooking. They can be stored much longer than fresh ones, whilst maintaining the same effects. Simply mix the instant yeast with the dry ingredients and you're ready to bake. 

Instant yeast is not recommended for heavy baking containing a large amount of nuts and dried fruits nut you can use them to bake any bread, light, non-greasy doughs and any type of yeast dough.

Instant yeast is an incredibly convenient solution due to their long shelf life and we do not have to worry that if we want to bake a cake or bread, we will have to go to the store for fresh yeast. It is important to use the proportions that are recommended  and that they are kept in the cupboard.

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