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Iron Metal Powder (Atomized)
Iron Metal Powder (Atomized)

Iron Metal Powder (Atomized)

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Iron metal powder is an ideal filler for use in cold cast resin casting to create real metal finishes.  

The finished casting gives the appearance and weight of solid metal and can be buffed and polished, alternatively a patina or antiquing finish can be applied. A rust effect can easily be obtained with cold cast Iron, by abrading the surface of the cast and simply applying water and leaving to rust.

For the best results we recommend at least a 1:1 mix ratio resin to metal powder by volume. However user discretion should be used, every cast is unique and the metal powder ration can be adjusted to suit the specific application and the desired metal effect.

You can also dust the mould with the metal powder before pouring or applying the mixed resin, so there is more exposed metal powder of the surface of the cast.

This cold cast resin process is much faster and less expensive when compared with foundry casting in molten metal.

Purity:             >99.0% Fe
Impurities:      Max values: Sulphur 0.02%, Carbon 0.01%, Oxygen 0.15%
Particle size:   '300 mesh'. <2% +75 micron, <20% +45 micron
Bulk density   2.8 - 3.0 g/cm³
Colour:           Dark, Silver white to grey
Odour:            Odourless
Formula:          Fe
Melting Point: 1371 – 1483 °C
Boiling Point:   2850 – 3150 °C

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