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Liquid Latex
Liquid Latex
Liquid Latex
Liquid Latex

Liquid Latex

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Liquid latex dipping rubber for mould creation and special effects.

*Safe for skin application.


For crafting flexible self-release moulds that are user-friendly, our latex boasts top-tier quality, containing a minimum of 65% Rubber Solids.

These moulds are ideal for producing intricate casts in plasters and polyester resins through dipping or painting methods.

When employing a painting technique, a thickener (available separately) can be added to minimize the number of coats required. However, we recommend starting with an initial coat of un-thickened latex.

After use, wash skin with soap and water. Always ensure adequate ventilation when using. Prior to applying over the entire model, it's advisable to conduct a small patch test in an inconspicuous area when taking a mold.

*Skin Safe - featuring low ammonia content. If applying directly on the skin, conduct a patch test initially. Cease usage immediately if any adverse reactions or irritations occur.

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