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Oxalic Acid 5% Solution.
Oxalic Acid 5% Solution.
Oxalic Acid 5% Solution.
Oxalic Acid 5% Solution.
Oxalic Acid 5% Solution.

Oxalic Acid 5% Solution

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Oxalic Acid 5% Solution 5%

A product which is usually used in stain removal, tanning and removing rust. A powerful cleaner capable of cleaning metal in many industries and other lab processes. 

Oxalic acid's main applications include cleaning or bleaching, especially for the removal of rust (iron complexing agent). Its utility in rust removal agents is due to its forming a stable, water-soluble salt with ferric iron. Oxalic acid is an important reagent in lanthanide chemistry. Hydrated lanthanide oxalates form readily in very strongly acidic solutions in a densely crystalline, easily filtered form, largely free of contamination by nonlanthanide elements. Thermal decomposition of these oxalate gives the oxides, which is the most commonly marketed form of these elements.


This is a ready made solution so apply with a sponge or paintbrush straight from the container on the whole area to avoid patches and leave for an hour.

To remove stains from wood first make sure that the wood is sanded down and all paint, oil, varnish removed to allow the chemical to penetrate the stains.

Wash off with water and once dry apply varnish to secure the wood.

Always use face, eyes and body coverings when working with chemicals.



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