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Pine Rosin Nuggets
Pine Rosin Nuggets
Pine Rosin Nuggets
Pine Rosin Nuggets

Pine Rosin Nuggets

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Colophony (Greek colophony "from the colony Kolonia Ionic name) is a soft resin of natural origin - a residue after distilling turpentine from conifer resin (mainly pine). It is a brittle substance, very brittle, glassy, ​​semi-transparent, with a yellow, dark red or dark brown color.

Rosin has a characteristic resinous fragrance. It is fusible and flammable. It dissolves well in most organic solvents, including acetone, amyl, butyl, ethyl and methyl alcohol, gasoline, ethyl ether, xylene, toluene, carbon tetrachloride and turpentine oil, but does not dissolve in water. Colophony saponify hot solutions of bases.


    • in the pharmacy recipe - a remedy component,
    • flux during soldering with lead-tin alloy,
    • rubbing the bristles of strings in string instruments to increase bristle roughness and its grip to strings,
    • formerly used by handballs to lubricate the hand in order to improve the grip of the ball,
    • binder in polygraphic paints improving the paint's smeared properties,
    • a component of varnishes, varnishes, soaps, sealing wax, plastics, rubber,
    • used by dancers to obtain high adhesion of ballet shoes or other footwear to the ground,
    • dissolved in alcohol - as a varnish to protect against oxidation and to facilitate the soldering of printed circuit boards made using the home method.


Rosin is sold in lumps, however, because of the fragility of the material, the pack may contain 5-10% of rosin powder or smaller particles.

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