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Pro Grower Flower Fertiliser.

Pro Grower Flower Fertiliser

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Pro Grower Flower Fertiliser

Available in 500g 1000g 2000g

Pro Grower Fruit Fertiliser is a fertilizer high in nitrogen and calcium that helps build strong cell walls, aids leaf growth and makes the flowers more colourful and healthier.

Pro Grower Flower Fertiliser contains:

  • 15,5% nitrogen (N),
    • which is an essential nutrient for plant growth. It is a large part of the plants chlorophyll, which provides the plants with energy for growth and gives the crops leaves a rich green colour
  • 14,7% calcium oxide (CaO).
    • which supplies the calcium necessary for plant growth, and helps keep soil pH at a preferable level for most lime-loving plants.

The quick-release formula ensures that your plants get the nutrients they need without waiting.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions.

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