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Sodium Percarbonate 100%
Sodium Percarbonate 100%
Sodium Percarbonate 100%
Sodium Percarbonate 100%
Sodium Percarbonate 100%

Sodium Percarbonate 100%

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100% Pure

Molecular formula: Na2CO3 * 1.5H2O2

Natural Oxygen Bleach

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Sodium percarbonate is a water-soluble crystalline powder used in laundry and bleaching projects. It is also known as sodium carbonate Peroxyhydrate or oxygen bleach (due to its 13% oxygen content). When dissolved in water, this white powder gives a colourless mixture of hydrogen peroxide and soda ash (sodium carbonate).

This mixture is eco-friendly and is used as a source of anhydrous hydrogen peroxide in laboratories. It also contains the carbonate anion, which separates it from sodium peroxocarbonate Na2CO4 or peroxodicarbonate Na2C2O6.

This product offers a natural source of oxygen bleach and is used for many household and cleaning detergents and shampoo. In addition to being environmentally friendly, it enhances the effect of cleaning agents in stain removal.

What Is Sodium Percarbonate Used For?

Sodium percarbonate can be used for a diverse range of projects, including the following:

  1. Stain Removal and Bleaching: Oxygen bleach is primarily used in removing stubborn stains such as food, beverage and wine droplets from carpets, wood and fabrics due to its colour retention and mildness. Using sodium percabonate cleaners for stain removal helps preserve the colour and look of your fabrics and delicate surfaces.
  2. Disinfection and Deodorization: Sodium is used to control algae growth and presence in water treatment. It is also used to kill bacteria, wood mildew, moss and fungi on various household surfaces.
  3. Deodorisation: You may also apply the dissolved mixture to your laundry to deodorise the area.

It may also be used to sterilise barbing and hairdressing equipment and soften hard water.

Is Sodium Percarbonate Dangerous?

Percabonate is made from purely natural materials, which makes it environmentally friendly and safe to use. In stark contrast to other bleach powders, carbonate peroxyhydrate isn’t dangerous and is safe to use around the house.

Though highly effective in removing stains, sodium is mild and gentle as it dissolves into eco-friendly compounds. You can also use it in water treatment as it doesn’t contain phosphorus, chloride or nitrogen, which are dangerous to water bodies. However, this product should not be consumed by humans or pets.

How Do You Use Sodium Percarbonate To Clean?

When cleaning with percarbonate, you should dissolve a tablespoon (or two) of crystalline powder in a litre of water. Depending on the type of cleaning, you may soak the material or sprinkle the surface area and leave it for some minutes before wiping it off. For fabric cleaning, you may pour the dissolved solution into your washing machine. The same powder ratio is ideal for cleaning floors, carpets, and other household surfaces.

Where To Buy Sodium Percarbonate In The UK

You can buy sodium percarbonate UK here in diverse sizes from 500G HDPE bottles to a 5000g bucket for larger projects. All products are packaged in strong and durable containers.


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