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Sodium Polyacrylate - Polymer
Sodium Polyacrylate - Polymer

Sodium Polyacrylate - Polymer

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Sodium Polyacrylate - Polymer - Hydrogel

Available in 50g, 100g, and 250g options.

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Sodium polyacrylate, a member of the polyacrylate family, is a superabsorbent polymer with the capability to absorb and retain significant amounts of water.

In agriculture, sodium polyacrylate serves as a soil conditioner and water retention agent. When incorporated into soil, it enhances water retention, especially in sandy soils, facilitating effective water management for plants.

Dosage Guidelines:

  • For lawns and flowerbeds: Apply 30-40g per 1m² or 300-400kg per 1ha.
  • For shrubs, trees, and seedlings: Utilize 1.2-3g per 1L or 1.2-3kg per 1m³.
  • For potted plants and flowers: Apply 1.25g per 1L.

Helpful Tips: Always blend the hydrogel with dry soil; for ground soil, ensure thorough mixing to a depth of approximately 25 cm. When encapsulating the root system, mix the hydrogel with water.

The hydrogel improves soil structure, prevents cracking, fosters root system development, accelerates plant growth, and reduces the leaching of microelements.

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