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Sulphamic Acid 99.5%.
Sulphamic Acid 99.5%.
Sulphamic Acid 99.5%.
Sulphamic Acid 99.5%.
Sulphamic Acid 99.5%.

Sulphamic Acid 99.5%

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Sulphamic Acid

Available in 200g, 400g, 1000g, 3000g.

99.5% PURE

Molecular formula: H3NSO3

Sulphamic acid is also known as:

  • sulfamic acid,
  • amidosulfuric acid,
  • aminosulfonic acid,
  • sulfamic acid.

It is a colourless, water-soluble compound with many uses. Sulphamic acid melts at 205 ° C before decomposing at higher temperatures to H2O, SO3, SO2 and N2. Compared to most popular strong mineral acids, sulfamic acid has the desired water descaling properties, low volatility as well as low toxicity.

Sulfamic acid is used as an acid cleaner, sometimes pure or as a component of proprietary mixtures, usually for metals and ceramics. It is often used to remove rust and limescale, replacing the more volatile and irritating hydrochloric acid.

It is also used in industrial cleaning of dairy and brewery equipment. Although considered less corrosive than hydrochloric acid, corrosion inhibitors are often added to the commercial cleaners of which it is an ingredient. Some of its home use, incl. Easy-Off, for descaling, includes home coffee and espresso machines and dentures cleaners.

Other Uses:

  • Catalyst for the esterification process,
  • Production of dyes and pigments,
  • Herbicide,
  • Coagulator for urea-formaldehyde resins,
  • Component in the extinguishing agent.
  • Pulp and paper industry as a chloride stabilizer,
  • Synthesis of nitrous oxide by reaction with nitric acid,
  • The deprotonated form (sulfamate) is a common counterion to nickel (II) in electroplating.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions.


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