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Volcanic Rock Dust Organic Fertiliser.

Volcanic Rock Dust Organic Fertiliser

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Volcanic Rock Dust Organic Fertiliser

Available in 500g 1000g 2000g

Volcanic Rock Dust Organic Fertilizer has a beneficial effect on all soil types and pH. It can be used at any time of the year and at any stage of plant growth. Volcanic Rock Dust Organic Fertilizer should not be used when the ground is frozen or when strong winds are blowing. Sprinkle the edge of a shovel or trowel evenly over the soil, then rake or let the worms and the weather do it for you. Volcanic rock ash has been shown to work well with soil conditioners, animal fertilizers and plant foods.

  1. Minimum annual dose

Apply 0.5 kg per square meter, or in gardener's terminology, "a handful of yards." A 10 kg bag provides 20 square meters. This annual dose has also been found to benefit lawns.

  1. Booster dose

Apply 2 kg per square meter to strengthen the soil.

  1. Compost activator and improver

Mix 2 kg with 50 litres of compost.

When adding a new layer of compost to a compost bin or pile, add enough rock dust to make it light to cover the surface and be easy to see through. Gardening material has been found to decompose faster into compost, reach a higher temperature and reduce odours.

  1. Worm tonic

Every month, sprinkle a small handful of 30 cm2 (1 ft2) on the surface of the worm. Try a small area with this amount and see how the worms build up.

It is a natural product and as such the moisture content may vary, however this will not affect the quality.

Store in a dry place or covered when stored outdoors.

Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions.

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