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Wood Bleach
Wood Bleach
Wood Bleach

Wood Bleach

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supplied in very strong HDPE Bottle

Rust, dampness and stained surfaces can cause your woodwork to lose its classy finish. Luckily, you may revive this look with our wood bleacher solution. Wood bleacher helps to remove darkened stains caused by alcohol and ink spills, rust, fruit and ring marks. You may also use it to lighten naturally dark wood or revive light wood darkened by weathering and staining.

How To Bleach Wood UK

Though bleaching wood is a simple task, things may go awry if not done properly. Below is the step by step process of bleaching wood

  1. Sand down the wood or remove all polish, coatings and paint. Wood bleach works effectively when the wood is bare.
  2. Apply the bleach to a small area. Do this with a sponge or cloth to ensure an even spread.
  3. Let the bleach soak in for about 5-10 minutes
  4. Rinse the wood with water and allow it to dry.

Our wood bleacher is available in 500ml and 5000ml sizes, enough to rejuvenate old and stained wood surfaces.

Can I Use Household Bleach To Lighten Wood?

While you may use household bleach to remove stains from wooden surfaces, it cannot brighten the wood. You’ll need a stronger bleach solution if you’re looking to brighten dark wood.

Does Bleach Destroy Wood?

Bleach does not destroy wood if properly applied. For effective wood bleaching, it is important to strip all wood coatings and furnishing. This prevents the wood bleacher from eating into the finishing or turning your wood a different colour than anticipated.

How Do You Whiten Wood?

It is essential to note that wood bleach does not whiten wood. Though it may lighten or revive the wood's natural colour, wood whitening is achieved with a caustic soda solution.

Wood whitening is done by first cleaning the furniture surface and stripping it of all coatings. Your goal is to whiten the wood itself and not the finish. The next step is to apply the solution to the stripped area with a paintbrush or cloth, focusing more on the darker areas.

Leave the solution for a few hours for the best results. You may apply a second coat of bleach if the initial results aren’t satisfactory. The second coat should be left for two days, after which You should use an abrasive sponge and anti-wear finish to smoothen and protect the wood.

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