Zinc Oxide 99.9%
Zinc Oxide 99.9%
Zinc Oxide 99.9%
Zinc Oxide 99.9%
Zinc Oxide 99.9%
Zinc Oxide 99.9%

Zinc Oxide 99.9%

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Zinc oxide is a chemical compound belonging to the group of oxides. It is a combination of oxygen and zinc on the second oxidation stage.

This substance is odorless and occurs in the form of a powder with a delicate texture. It has a white color and does not dissolve in water or fats - it creates dispersions.

Application of zinc oxide:

- addition to paints and varnishes,

- in cosmetics and ceramics,

- filler and stabilizer of rubber, rubber and plastics,

- production of insulating masses, back fill and impregnation agents,

- introduced in 1779 as a pigment; from 1834 as "Chinese white" used in gouache, in oil paints,

- powdered zinc white is commonly used (in addition to graphite, English soot, argentorate, textiles) in forensic science, in the dactyloscopic method by mechanical method,

- thanks to the light antibacterial effect it is used in ointments and powders used on the skin,

- in dentistry for temporary fillings,

- thanks to bleaching, covering and matting properties, it is used in powders and powders,

- in natural and ecological UV protection preparations.


Zinc oxide has the ability to block almost the entire spectrum of UV radiation, therefore the preparations containing it are recommended for children and people with sensitive skin on which chemical filters cause irritation.

The disadvantage of zinc oxide is the need to use it in high concentrations that may cause lightening of the complexion. Despite this, it is a very effective and safe relationship.

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