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How to use copper sulphate to fight a bit of leaf canker on a cherry tree

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How to use copper sulphate to fight a bit of leaf canker on a cherry tree


Copper sulfate, also known as copper sulphate, can be used as a fungicide to help control leaf canker on cherry trees. Here's a general guide on how to use copper sulfate for this purpose:


Apply the copper sulfate fungicide during the dormant season, preferably in late winter or early spring before the cherry tree starts to bud. This helps prevent the spread of the disease when the tree is most susceptible.


Wear appropriate protective clothing, including gloves, goggles, and a mask, to avoid direct contact with the chemical. Also, read and follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations for application rates.


Dissolve the required amount of copper sulfate in water according to the instructions on the product label. Copper sulfate is available in various formulations, such as powder or liquid, and the recommended mixing ratio may vary. Typically, 1 to 4 tablespoons of copper sulfate powder per gallon of water is a common concentration for spray applications.



Use a handheld sprayer or a backpack sprayer to apply the copper sulfate solution to the affected cherry tree. Ensure thorough coverage of all infected areas, including the canker lesions and surrounding healthy tissue. It's important to spray the solution evenly, but avoid excessive dripping or runoff.

Safety precautions:

Be cautious not to spray the solution on any nearby desirable plants, as copper sulfate can be toxic to some plants. Also, avoid spraying on windy days to prevent drift onto unintended targets.

Repeat applications:

Repeat the copper sulfate application every 10 to 14 days until the canker appears to be under control. However, avoid applying copper sulfate once the tree has started to bud or when the temperature exceeds 85°F (29°C), as this can cause damage to the foliage.

Remember, copper sulfate is a chemical fungicide, and its repeated or excessive use can lead to the accumulation of copper in the soil, which may harm beneficial organisms and impact plant growth. It's best to consult with a local agricultural extension service or a certified arborist for specific advice on controlling leaf canker on cherry trees in your area, as they can provide guidance tailored to your specific situation and regional conditions.

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