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How to use Sulphur Powder in the garden?

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Sulphur Powder has many uses. Starting from the beekeeping industry, through rubber, cellulose, pharmaceutical and petroleum. Sulfur is used in the production of plant protection products, artificial fibers, and is ideal for disinfecting rooms. It is a very popular product used for soil acidification. For dyes, artificial fibers. It is a component of matches and fireworks. It is an excellent product used in horticulture.

Sulfur is a natural product and consists of 99.96% of sulfur and traces of ash in an amount from 0.02% to a maximum value of 0.1%

Use of Sulphur Powder:

Sulfur is one of the most used raw materials in the chemical industry. It and its compounds are used in the production of carbon disulfide and sulfuric acid. It is also used to vulcanize rubber (imparting flexibility) and in the production of matches, gunpowder and fireworks. Sulfur is essential for living organisms as a component of proteins. It is used in the production of dyes, in medicine and in a specialist cement company.

How to use Sulphur Powder in the garden?

Flower of Sulhur plays a very important role in the development of various plants. For cultivated plants, it is not only an ingredient that contributes to proper nutrition, but also plays an important role in their protection. As a protection measure, it is even more important than as a nutrient shaping the size and quality of plants.
- when applied before flowering, it inhibits the development of apple rusty and spider mites. It plays an important role in the protection of apple trees, especially against the most dangerous disease, i.e. apple scab.
- like nitrogen, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, sulfur belongs to the macronutrients of plants. With its deficiency, plants cannot function properly, and the symptoms of its deficiency resemble those of a lack of nitrogen. Sulfur supports the absorption of nitrogen from the soil.

Acidification of the soil with Sulphur Powder:

For acidification, sowing of powdery or granulated sulfur is used. It is slow and requires some time to be fully effective. After small doses sown in autumn, you can grow plants in spring, but if you need to use the maximum dose (2.5-3.5 kg./10 m2), you should wait at least one year with the cultivation. Sulfur can also be used after planting the plants, but a single dose should not exceed 50-100 g / 10 m2 of the area in this case.


In order to maintain a low pH level in the cultivation of acidophilic plants, avoid the use of compost, manure, as well as basic mineral fertilizers (e.g. calcium, magnesium nitrate, calcium ammonium nitrate) - they increase the soil pH.


Where to buy Sulphur Powder in UK? 

For many years, HD Chemicals LTD has been supplying home gardeners, companies and large agricultural plants with fertilizer sulfur. Our sulfur can be ordered online.

We hope you will find this advice on using Sulphur in your garden useful.


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  • David Lodge on

    Hello HD. Is it possible to obtain ‘wetable’ sulphur? I am trying to reduce the tendency for some of my grape vines to annually develop powdery mildew and although I have been recently using sulphur powder from you as a dust I feel a spray schedule would be more effective. As an alternative would sodium bicarbonate spray be as effective and what concentration would you suggest?
    Many thanks, David Lodge

  • HD on

    Hello, Many thanks for your comment. We would love to help. Please feel free to drop us some pictures and we will be able to advise right product for your needs.

  • June Osborne on

    I have tried to phone you on several occasions but no reply.
    We have a very large area of block paving back and front of the bungalow.
    I keep it clean with bleach which works on the dirty rain water and the
    white fungus but not on the black spots, lm sure you have something that will get
    rid……..Expensive……only pensioners!
    Looking forward to your reply many thanks June O

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