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How to get rid of ants with Borax Powder or Boric Acid (pictures)

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How to get rid of ants with borax powder or Boric Acid (pictures)


Do you have ants at home? Most often, it is recommended to purchase boric acid or borax powder for insect removal. You bought it, but you don't know how to use it? In this article, we have collected recipes for the most effective traps based on this poison. Let's find out how to get rid of ants with boric acid.

The most effective way to get rid of ants is to use borax or boric acid. It is a natural mineral mined in Turkey and North America. To prepare mixture at home for getting rid of ants, you will need:

How does borax / boric affect ants?

Borax is a derivative of boric acid so you can use both products to kill ants.

When using Borax powder / boric acid to fight against ants is as follows: insects eat some of the loose powder, and also bring it on their paws in their colony. After one pest dies, its relatives eat the remains of the poison and also die. Thanks to this, even a fairly large colony of pests can be destroyed in just a few days.


Borax or Boric Acid with sugar water to kill ants

1 teaspoon of sugar - it can be cane or white (5 gram)

1 - 2 tablespoons of water (20 ml)

2 tablespoons of borax (20 gram)

First, pour sugar into the glass and add water. Mix everything up. Then add borax and mix it again until the desired consistency is obtained. Such prepared mixture can be put into a cap and placed on the floor.

Borax with honey or jam for ants

You can mix borax with many different products just to attract ants to it. It need to be sweet in gel formula. You can use honey or jam. Easiest way to calculate ratio would be 1 : 2. Simply use one part of honey and two parts of borax (100g honey, 200g borax powder)


Minced meat trap with Borax Powder or Boric to get rid of ants

Borax balls with minced meat are also very effective against such pest. They are prepared simply:

Take 2 tablespoons of minced meat, mix with 10 g of Borax.

Make balls and place them near places where insects gather or on ant trails.

Borax mixed with egg to kill ants.

Mix exactly 10 grams of borax with two eggs. Put the ready mixture in the place where the ants accumulate. Remember not to add too much borax so that the ant that will transport the poison does not die on the way to the anthill. She must carry the poison to wipe out the entire population and poison the queen.

Important: Don't use this recipe if you have animals that eat meat. They can eat the borax bait before the ants.


TIP → Don't be scared if more ants accumulate around the substance initially. It is natural for these insects to be attracted to their sweet taste. At first, the ants will eat the prepared mixture, and some of it will start taking it to the anthill to feed the queen.


How to quickly and effectively poison ants with borax? To do this, follow several rules working with this poison:


  • Use of disposable gloves, whether you are using liquid boric acid or powder.
  • Limit access of children and animals to the baits. They may not cause serious damage to health, but may cause allergies or food poisoning.
  • Use of personal protective equipment when preparing baits. It is recommended to work with borax in thick rubber gloves. If you are allergic, you should also use a medical mask.

Take a look at the photos of example traps for ants prepared on the basis of borax and boric acid. 

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