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Potassium Permanganate - properties and application

Potassium permanganate - properties and application


Potassium permanganate (Condy's crystals) has been known in medicine for many years. You can buy it over the counter at the pharmacy in the form of crystals and make a solution yourself. Potassium permanganate is used, inter alia, in for skin disinfection, wound disinfection, treatment of inflammation or prickly heat. It is used in both children and adults. How does potassium permanganate work and how to use it safely?


What is potassium permanganate?

Potassium permanganate is a chemical compound that is solid under standard conditions - purple crystals that can then be dissolved in water. The crystals themselves, however, are not used for medicinal purposes - they could even be harmful. Both in medicine and in home treatments, a solution of potassium permanganate is used, which you need to prepare yourself.

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Potassium permanganate - how it works...

Potassium permanganate has a disinfecting and oxidizing effect: primarily bactericidal, but besides, potassium permanganate also has an astringent and fungicidal effect.


Potassium permanganate - solution preparation

Preparation of a potassium permanganate solution is neither time-consuming nor laborious. You just have to remember to use the right amount of crystals. Too much concentrated solution may be harmful, too much diluted solution will not bring healing effects.


The general rule is that fewer crystals are used when the solution is to be used on delicate mucous membranes, for example for gargling. Then it is enough to dissolve a few crystals in water so that the solution has a light pink color. If, on the other hand, the solution is used on the skin, it should be purple in color - then we dissolve a dozen crystals of potassium permanganate in water.


Potassium permanganate for a bath?

Potassium permanganate solution can be used not only topically, directly on the skin, but also to prepare a therapeutic bath, for example for a child. Such a bath is recommended when skin lesions have appeared: wounds, irritations, heat rash, sores, as well as extensive dermatitis under the diaper in infants, called diaper dermatitis.

Since potassium permanganate has a disinfecting effect, it will perfectly disinfect the skin, prevent the development of harmful microorganisms (including fungi and bacteria), and accelerate wound healing.


When preparing a solution of potassium permanganate for a baby's bath, also carefully follow the instructions on the leaflet regarding the number of crystals and the color of the solution, and if in doubt, consult a pharmacist.

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It is also very important that the crystals dissolve well and that their particles do not irritate the baby's sensitive skin.


Potassium permanganate - application

Potassium permanganate is mainly used for:


* disinfecting wounds of various origins

* decontamination of acne lesions

* treatment of nappy rash in infants and nappy rash in adults

* treatment of prickly heat in infants and children

* treatment of skin lesions resulting from viral diseases (such as chickenpox or Boston's disease, also called "Boston")

* treatment of persistent hemorrhoids

* rinsing the mouth in case of pharyngitis


Potassium permanganate - contraindications to use

It is worth knowing that there are contraindications to the use of potassium permanganate. It is absolutely inadvisable to use potassium permanganate to soak the feet by people suffering from diabetes and struggling with the diabetic foot syndrome.


It should also not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women due to the lack of studies on the possible effects of this substance on the fetus.


Potassium permanganate - side effects

Like any substance, potassium permanganate can cause adverse side effects. There are also conditions where the use of potassium permanganate is definitely inadvisable. For this reason, it is worth consulting your doctor or pharmacist before using potassium permanganate, especially when you are not sure about the strength of the solution or the method of use.


This is important because improper preparation of the potassium permanganate solution and too long contact of this substance with the skin may result in serious complications. An excessively concentrated solution of potassium permanganate can be harmful, as it is highly corrosive in high concentrations.


And what side effects may occur after using this preparation? The most common side effects of potassium permanganate include:


* seizures

* irritation of the skin, eyes, mucous membranes

* allergic reactions, for example a skin allergy

So if you notice any symptoms that bother you after using potassium permanganate, rinse your skin with plenty of water as soon as possible and consult your doctor.


Potassium permanganate - application in agriculture and industry

Potassium permanganate has been used not only in medicine, but also in agriculture and industry - where it is used until now.


In combination with formalin, potassium permanganate is used to disinfect apparatuses and equipment in livestock housing. And in combination with lime milk, it is used to fight fungal infection in meat industry plants.


It is also used to treat parasitic diseases of fish in aquariums.


Potassium permanganate and water treatment

Groundwater is used for municipal and industrial use. Unfortunately, in such waters you can meet with an increased amount of manganese and iron, which must be removed at the stage of liquid treatment.


For this purpose, potassium permanganate is used in the central iron and manganese removal stations. Besides, potassium permanganate can also be used for the treatment of municipal wastewater.


Preserving fruit with potassium permanganate

Potassium permanganate has also found application in other industries. For example, potassium permanganate oxidizes the ethylene produced in bananas during their storage.


In this way, the ripening process is inhibited and bananas can be stored for more than 4 weeks even at room temperature.


As you can see, potassium permanganate is used not only in medicine, but also in industry. Due to the fact that it is available without a prescription, its solution can be made and used at home.


However, before each use, read the leaflet carefully, and in case of any doubts, it is best to consult your doctor or pharmacist.


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