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Cerium Oxide - Best product for glass polishing

cerium dioxide cerium oxide glass polishing mirror polisher

Cerium Oxide - an effective product for glass polishing 

The scratches on the glass will disappear forever! Here's an effective way to polish your windows. We will present cerium oxide - indispensable in every modern home.

Cerium oxide powder, cerium dioxide, cerium - these are different terms for a slightly creamy powder that is used to clean the element from ores. After mixing it with water, it is used for manual polishing of glass and removing scratches. We suggest how to restore the perfect shine of the glass with cerium oxide.



Cerium dioxide - what is it and what is it for?

Cerium oxide, or cerium dioxide, is the most often cream-colored powder (it can also be white or slightly pink). It is used not only to remove scratches on glass, but also to clean marble, terracotta and stones. It is most often used for windows polishing, car and motorcycle windows, mirrors, headlights, car mirrors and other glass surfaces. Manual polishing of glass with cerium oxide is both simple and effective, and is gaining more and more favorable opinions. All because cerium dioxide is a delicate substance that removes scratches and other damage and gives shine, leaving no streaks or damaging the glass.

Cerium oxide - DIY glass polisher

You can hire specialists to polish the windows or… you can do it yourself. How to polish a glass with cerium oxide? The above-mentioned cerium dioxide should be mixed with water in a 1: 1 ratio. We apply the resulting thick mixture to the surface that we want to clean, and use a drill set at 500-600 revolutions per minute and a felt disc to grind the surface of the glass. Make sure that the cerium oxide preparation does not dry out too much during cleaning. That is why it is worth having a sprayer with water at hand and from time to time additionally moisten the glass and the disc. The essence is not to keep the device in one place for too long. The glass may deform, and we do not care about such an effect. We also recommend wearing a mask and protective glasses, because despite the fact that cerium oxide is not harmful to the polished material, it can irritate the mucous membranes and eyes, and the inhaled dust can cause respiratory organs.

Where to buy Cerium Oxide?

Of course, HD Chemicals LTD offers this product in various sizes. We invite you to our store and online purchase of a great product which is cerium oxide.

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  • Beverly Moreno on

    I have super hard water spots on my glass shower door. Will this work, as I have tried everything. Need to know the cost and how to use product. Thanks you.

  • Milinda Buddhadasa on

    What particle size use for scratches removal of automotive glasses and is it available to buy

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