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How to use Urea in the garden? Best Nitrogen Fertilizer

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Urea prills - the best nitrogen fertilizer

Proper fertilization keeps the plants healthy and grows abundantly. A proven fertilizer is urea, which can be used in gardens from spring to autumn. Why is it worth using nitrogen fertilizer in the garden?


Urea Prills Magic Garden


Urea is one of the most popular nitrogen fertilizers. It is of mineral origin, but also comes naturally. It is the end product of the transformation of proteins and many nitrogen compounds found in the organisms of humans and animals. Urea is mainly excreted in the urine and in smaller amounts also in sweat. It is present in the cattle slurry.

There is a very large amount of nitrogen in urea in the amide form. Plants absorb it well when it is dissolved in water, i.e. in the ammonium and nitrate form. The process is highly temperature dependent. When it is cold, it lasts longer, while when it is warm it is much shorter.

Why is it worth using urea to fertilize plants in the garden?

Urea is a fertilizer containing as much as 46 percent nitrogen in the amide form. This proven mineral fertilizer is widely available in garden stores. It is in the form of white, round granules.

It is perfect for use on almost all soils, except heavy, acidic and alkaline soils. It can be mixed with the soil before sowing vegetables and fed during vegetation.

It is worth remembering that due to the high nitrogen content there is a risk of over-fertilization of plants. Therefore, it is worth avoiding the use of this fertilizer in vegetables with a short growing season, such as: peas, Chinese cabbage, arugula or spinach. In turn, it is perfect for fertilizing plants with a long growing season, e.g. corn. The average dose to be fertilized is from 1 to 2 kg per 100 m².


Urea 46 HD Chemicals


How to use urea in the garden?

Urea is also a good idea to fertilize fruit trees and bushes. This operation should be carried out before the flowering period, as a foliar fertilization. It is also a proven preparation for fertilizing onion flowers. For good growth, the granules should be sprinkled around the emerging, for example, tulips, and then lightly mixed with the soil or covered with bark mulch.

Urea fertilization is beneficial for fruit trees, such as apple trees or pear trees, and fruit bushes, such as raspberry or currant. In this case, the concentration of the spray solution should be between 0.5 and 5 percent. Urea spraying effectively prevents the occurrence of scab on pears and apple trees.

Urea is perfect for fertilizing the lawn. Direct spraying of granules on the turf surface or foliar fertilization is allowed. In the latter case, much less fertilizer is used, and yet the satisfactory results are visible in a short time. The measured dose of fertilizer should be poured into the water in the amount of 1 kg per 10 l of water.

Urea is one of the most versatile and most widely used nitrogen fertilizers. It can be used to fertilize almost all types of garden plants - it is suitable for flowering, ornamental leaves and vegetables, as well as ornamental and fruit shrubs and trees. This is the best and very cheap way to provide your crops with the nitrogen they need.

Composition of urea
46% of the fertilizer consists of nitrogen in amide form.

Dosage and method of fertilization
In order to avoid nitrogen losses, urea applied as top dressing should be mixed with the soil. Before sowing, it can be mixed with potassium salt or ammonium sulfate. Do not mix with other nitrogen fertilizers.

Urea Prills Application date

Urea should be use from March, during the period of intensive plant growth, not later than the end of July. Do not sow on too cold soil with a temperature below 12 ° C.

Urea and composting

Urea is a fertilizer that greatly accelerates composting. Microorganisms that break down organic debris need a lot of nitrogen, and urea does. This fertilizer is perfect for the composting of dry garden debris, such as: leaves fallen from trees or branches remaining after clearing.


Where to buy good fertilizer urea in England?

Hd Chemicals has been selling urea for many years. We try to focus on the individual customer who needs smaller amounts of this product than large horticultural enterprises. We sell our urea from 200 grams in a convenient sachet delivered by a letter box. We have a wide range of packaging options from small HDPE bottles of 400 grams to 4 kg buckets.

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