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Quartz sand - irreplaceable in many presentations

aquarium sand coloured sand decorative sand quartz sand

Quartz sand - irreplaceable in many situations


The wide use of quartz sand means that it can be used in countless arrangements. It is most often used for floristic compositions such as a forest in a jar or as a filling for flower pots, but it can also be useful when creating mosaic plaster. The durable and hard sand structure will not fail in any, even demanding conditions!


Waterproof sand for the aquarium

If you do not know which aquarium sand will be the best, we are in a hurry to answer - our product not only has waterproof properties, but is also harmless and non-toxic for aquarium animals. What's more - it is not discolored or the effects of UV radiation, which are often the bane of vase sands.

Colorful sand - a highlight in your living room

Although decorative sand works great in many arrangements, it has a special influence on the liveliness of the rooms. All you need to do is overcome the routine and choose the right color of sand to make decorations in vases and other glassware become an attraction and contrast with other decorations in your living room. And for those who do not want to focus on one tone, we have a wide range of colors available, as well as multicolored, mixed quartz sand!



Where to buy colored sand?

Our company offers 2 types of sand in 10 colors. They differ in the size of the aggregate. You can find a detailed description of our products by clicking the link below.


Quartz Sand 0.1 - 0.4 mm

Quartz Sand 2 - 4 mm

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