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The effectiveness of Oxalic Acid in the fight against Varroa.

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The effectiveness of Oxalic Acid in the fight against varroa.

Oxalic acid is one of the organic acids used in the fight against the dangerous bee parasite, Varroa. The effectiveness of acid largely depends on the skills of the beekeeper and how it is applied. Oxalic acid solution is used in those colonies that do not have brood. The treatment of bees is based on the evaporation of acid into the hive by means of special devices. If we use it correctly, it will be effective in combating varroa, and at the same time it will not cause any harm to the bee colony. You can also give bee colonies Oxalic Acid in syrup. It is made up of a 3.2 percent acid solution that is dissolved in sugar in a one-to-one ratio. The solution prepared in this way is used for sprinkling the bees located in the inter-frame streets. Regardless of which method we choose, the most effective use of Oxalic Acid is observed in the fall from late September to mid-October.

Temperature is very important.

The results and effectiveness of using Oxalic Acid are influenced by many factors. If we do not follow all the recommendations, the treatments in the hive will be ineffective and even harmful to the bees themselves and their owner. First of all, Oxalic Acid is used in the fall, but in the early hours - in no case should it be used in the period when the air temperature often drops below zero degrees. For best results, temperatures are between zero and five degrees Celsius. The second necessary condition is the absence of brood in the hive. If we perform the procedure with the brood present, not only the bee parasite will die, but also a large part of the bee colony. The condition is not only the lack of brood, but also the family must already be in the winter withers.

Pure Oxalic solution with no crystals.

Oxalic Acid to be as effective as possible, the prepared solution should be absolutely homogeneous. Any visible acid crystals are not allowed. They will settle at the bottom of the bottle, which will prevent them from evaporating, and the effectiveness of the acid will significantly weaken. If we choose the method of spraying with an acid solution for disinfecting the hive, we must remember that the cluster should be sprayed evenly. If the family has two bodies, one of them can be removed during the procedures.

Don't use too much - it harms the bees.

Oxalic Acid crystals / powder is a substance readily available and quite cheap, which may lead beekeepers to abuse it. Meanwhile, the number of treatments performed is in no way related to the effectiveness of the acid. On the contrary - the excess of treatments carried out can destroy the Varroa parasite, but also significantly weaken the bees in the sprayed colony. Under the influence of acid, bees begin to be particularly active, clean their nests and increase their metabolism, which increases the wear and tear of their organisms. In this state, they may not live to spring. And this is not the point of a beekeeper, while treating bees from a parasite, at the same time harming their own animals. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the specific deadlines and using Oxalic Acid only three months after the previous treatment.

Where to buy Oxalic Acid?

When buying Oxalic Acid, let's follow the well-known brands of this product. On the Internet you can find various types of offers, from very cheap to those at moderate prices. Remember that in the case of this acid, the quality of the product counts. We do not need large amounts, so there is no need to save on the good quality of this measure.

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