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Where and how to buy chemicals online?

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Where and how to buy chemicals online?


Let us remember that the world of chemistry has its own rules. Chemicals are such a large range of products and are regulated by the relevant laws.

There are many stores and suppliers of chemicals in the UK that we can find on the Internet. How to Choose the Right Chemicals Supplier in the UK? Let's pay attention to a few important things when shopping online.


Chemicals are regulated in terms of transport and packaging.


Not all products can be sold to individual customers. There are chemicals that can only be sold in the business to business system. Most of these chemicals are dangerous, corrosive or can be used to create various kinds of drugs. It is essential that a company that sells chemicals does so responsibly.

When choosing a store where we buy chemicals, we should follow the opinions and reputation of the store. On platforms such as Ebay or Amazon, we can find many tiny sellers who are only driven by profit and not always all security measures are in place. Of course, the prices at such sellers may seem attractive, but is it worthwhile to save a few pence and buy chemicals from unreliable sources?

The packaging and transportation of chemicals is very important. Remember that products classified as dangerous should be transported in compliance with all required regulations.

Many chemicals can be transported using the so-called ADR exclusion principle. It consists in the fact that if the packaging of a given chemical agent does not exceed the permissible weight, it can be transported with the usual rules, remembering to mark the shipment with the LQ (limited quantity) stamp.

Chemical packaging must be selected appropriately to a given product. Chemicals are both liquid chemicals and chemicals that are in the form of a chemical powder. Some chemicals can be transported in plastic zip-bags. Some products require stronger aluminum zip-bags. More sensitive products should be packed in very strong HDPE bottles and containers. The product should be equally well matched to the packaging in order to facilitate the application of a given chemical agent. Fertilizers, which are often packed in buckets for easier application, can be an ideal example.

We hope these few tips will help you decide which chemical supplier to choose when shopping online in the UK. We choose proven companies that try to provide the best service and security of transactions, although they are a bit more expensive than home sellers. In this way, we can be sure that we buy the highest quality chemicals.


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