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Homemade washing powder - why is it worth it?

borax sodium bicarbonate sodium carbonate washing up powder

How to make homemade washing powder?

You can make homemade washing powder yourself and it won't take long. It has many positives, including the most important thing is that you know exactly what ingredients you use to make the product. Check how to make homemade washing powder and what you will need.

Homemade washing powder - why is it worth it?

Allergies, skin irritations, stain residues - these are just some of the problems that anyone who uses washing powders bought in a supermarket can struggle with. Popular measures can also pollute the environment, namely, they have components that do not break down. Ingredients that can cause sensitization or irritation include anionic and non-ionic surfactants, polycarboxylates (petroleum-derived chemicals!), Phosphates and enzymes. In addition, there are chemical ingredients that are responsible for foaming, the popular SLS and SLSA. These are also often found in cosmetics.

Taking care of your health, skin and well-being, try making homemade washing powder yourself. We guarantee that it takes little time, and you will like the measure so much that you will give up preparations that are readily available in drugstores and supermarkets.


What does homemade washing powder consist of?

Homemade washing powder consists of three important ingredients: borax, soda ash (sodium carbonate) , and baking soda
(sodium bicarbonate). It is a combination of minerals of natural origin that have been known for a long time.

The most popular is baking soda, often used to remove tough stains and dirt. It is enough to combine it with a little water to obtain a universal cleaning paste, e.g. for the oven, carpets and upholstery, heating plates or joints. Soda also removes unpleasant odors.

Soda ash (sodium carbonate), has ideal properties for softening water. It is effective not only in removing stains on fabrics, but also in removing green blooms on garden furniture or fences.Soda Ash is also used to remove greasy stains, so it is a good ingredient in household washing powder.

Borax, less popular than baking soda, is antiseptic and antifungal. It is a good bleach for laundry, so it can be added directly to the laundry. However, it is worth using it as one of the ingredients of household washing powder. You can read more about it in our article.

How to make homemade washing powder yourself?

Homemade White washing powder:

2 scoops of sodium carbonate,
2 scoops of borax.

Homemade Colour washing powder:

2 scoops of sodium carbonate,
1 scoop of sodium bicarbonate,
1 measuring cup of borax.

Pour all ingredients into a sealed container and shake until everything is combined. 2 tablespoons of household powder are enough for one wash.

If you like your laundry smells great when you take it out of the washing machine, you can also add a few drops of essential oil. Ideally, it should be natural. As a result, it will not cause skin irritation.

Do you want to prepare a fabric softener yourself? Make it with half a cup of vinegar, 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a dozen drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix all ingredients thoroughly and use exactly as you would buy a fabric softener.

Paste for tough stains from borax powder - as a bonus that you read whole articcle ;)

Borax is great for removing tough stains from fabrics such as wine, blood or chocolate. All you need to do is make a paste yourself using a tablespoon of borax and a little water. Then you need to rub the prepared solution directly into the fabric and leave it for several minutes. The next step is traditional washing in a washing machine.

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  • Peta on

    I’m interested in making home made washing powder. I have already started making home made dishwasher powder using your ingredients and it works well. I saw your recipe which I’m happy to try. I wondered about castile liquid and whether it can also be used for washing machine and if so is there a recipe? Thanks

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