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Sodium Percarbonate - ecological oxi bleach

oxy bleach sodium percarbonate

Sodium Percarbonate - ecological oxi bleach


Sodium Percarbonate is an excellent killer of bacteria, fungi, various viruses and mold, so it can be used as a very effective agent for removing algae and moss.
Sodium Percarbonate is also an effective interior product as a home deodorant, floor cleaner, or carpet stain remover.

Sodium percarbonate is a modern and multifunctional cleaning agent for home and garden. In times when we are trying to limit the production of plastic, let's choose ecological products. It is one product that has many uses in the home and garden.

It is an excellent stain remover for fabrics and colors. Since it has no environmental impact, Sodium Percarbonate should be at the top of the shopping list we do online.


What exactly is Sodium Percarbonate?

Sodium percarbonate is also known as oxygen bleach or sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate. It is a microgranule or loose powder that consists of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide.

Why is sodium percarbonate so good for mosses and algae?

Oxygen bleaches such as sodium percarbonate act to break down unicellular organisms such as moss roots and algae structures. This makes this product a very effective moss and algae remover. The percarbonate breaks down the moss spores that the moss uses to reproduce, reducing the chance of moss regrowth in the future.

Sodium Percarbonate Used At Home:

To pre-soak heavily stained laundry.
Coffee and cups stain remover.
General cleaning of kitchen surfaces and kitchen utensils.
Cleaning the bathroom in an ecological way
Sterilization of bottles and other utensils, e.g. hairdressing tools.
Carpet and fabric cleaning and stain removal.
Cleaning tiles, grout and general cleaning of floors.
Sterilization of pet areas and bedding.
Deck cleaning.
Killing moss.
Killing algae in water objects.


Recipes how to use Sodium Percarbonate:

The product is known for its oxidizing properties - thanks to the chemical reaction in water (hydrogen peroxide is formed, and exactly it breaks down into oxygen, water and sodium carbonate), we can obtain a whitening effect, e.g. washing.

Cleaning the terrace

Dissolve 50g of sodium percarbonate in 1 liter of water and apply with a sprayer or a watering can. Alternatively, moisten the deck with water and sprinkle granules on it. leave for 20 minutes, rinse.

Killing moss

Wearing gloves, hand over 50g per square meter. Alternatively, dissolve 50 g of sodium percarbonate in 1 liter of water and spray it on.

General cleaning

For cleaning surfaces, floors, refrigerators, etc., dissolve 40 g in 1 liter of warm water.

Carpet stain remover

Dissolve 30g sp.p. in 1 liter of water and apply with a cloth.


30g / 60g / 120g of sodium percarbonate, suitable for light to heavily soiled laundry, with the type of washing powder or liquid you choose.
For yellowed fabrics such as curtains or sheets or for sweaty sportswear and deodorant. Dissolve 60g in 5 liters of warm water overnight.

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