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The Domestic and Industrial Uses of Sulfamic Acid

Sulfamic acid, also known as amino sulfonic acid and amido sulfuric acid, is a colourless, soluble acid that has a large number of both domestic and industrial uses. Industrial production of this chemical goes back to pre-WW2 -- it is a true-and-tried useful chemical that has admirably withstood the test of time. 

So, Sulfamic acid is used for what? Why is 100s of thousands of tons of this chemical produced each year? We'll go through the most common sulfamic acid uses in this article. 

#1 Descaler and Cleaner

Sulfamic acid is a very powerful descaler and is widely used both in industry and domestically. Whether you want to descale your shower walls or you want to descale specific equipment, you can rely on an amino sulfonic acid solution to do it. 

There's is one key thing you have to keep in mind, though: the ideal percentage of sulfamic acid in the solution differs depending on what exactly you want to descale. Descaling walls generally requires a stronger solution with a higher percentage of sulfamic acid. A 10% solution is generally ideal for equipment, on the other hand. 

So, what is sulfamic acid cleaner used for? Below, we'll go over some of its primary uses as a cleaner and descaler, and we'll barely scratch the surface:

  • Metals: Due to being less coercive than others, an amino sulfonic acidic cleaning agent is commonly used when cleaning metals. They sanitize, clean, and remove rust (check our section below) effectively from metals without degrading them. 
  • Equipment: sulfamic acid has excellent limescale-dissolving properties that make it exceptional for equipment maintenance. If you're looking for an excellent descaling and cleaning agent that will make your equipment
  • Floor surfaces: thankfully, unlike hydrochloric acid, sulfamic acid doesn't produce chlorine gas when combined, which makes it a far safer material to handle at home. Coupled with how thoroughly it gets rid of limescale, it is a perfect chemical to use to clean floor surfaces, toilets, etc. 

#2 Rust Remover 

Sulfamic acid removes rust extremely well -- that's why it is one of the principal rust removing agents used in various industries to keep equipment in top shape. 

Sulfamic acid, like other acids, chemically reacts with rust, which makes removing it possible. You have to be careful, though, because of the strong sulfamic acid cleaning properties, the solution might remove more than just rust, especially if applied carelessly. That's why industrial users test sulfamic acid at various concentrations and then stick with one appropriate for their particular application. 


#3 Herbicide 

Sulfamic acid and its salts have had well-known herbicidal properties for decades -- sadly, amino sulfonic acid was not used as a herbicide for a long time due to the instability of its derivatives in powder or granular forms, which are how herbicides are effectively distributed. 

Thankfully, that has changed in recent years, and new amino sulfonic acid compounds have been found that act as very effective herbicides and are widely used around the world. 

#4 Sanitiser 

Since sulfamic acid is used as a very effective cleaning agent, it should come as no surprise that it is also used as a sanitiser as well. 

Sulfates are well-known for their disinfectant qualities, and this includes sulfamic acids. Although, due to how potent it is, sulfamic acid is mainly used as a sanitiser for industrial equipment, bathrooms, etc. and they're not used in hand sanitisers, kitchenware sanitisers, etc. due to their potentially harmful effects when there's prolonged skin contact with amino sulfonic acid.


#5 Paper Pulp Preservative 

Due to its disinfectant and cleaning properties, amino sulfonic acid is used extensively in the paper manufacturing industry. 

Paper pulps, which papers are made of, are delicate and can degrade easily. This is definitely not what you want if you have a paper production company, however. You need to find a way to maintain your paper pulps in the best shape possible, your company depends on it. 

This is where sulfamic acid comes in. By applying its solutions to paper pulps, you can ensure the integrity and longevity of the pulps while they're being slated for paper production. 


Sulfamic acid is an extremely versatile chemical, and hopefully, this article explained just some of its more common uses. Regardless of whether you want a sulfamic acid descaler or cleaner, you can mix it with our high-quality, affordable sulfamic acid powder product. 

The uses of sulfamic acid are many, and whether you're interested in its industrial or domestic uses, you'll find the chemical to be more than up to the task. 

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